Learning To Read Tarot Easily: Beginnings. The Aces!

Let’s start at the beginning Y’all!

Aces are the one’s of the Tarot Deck. Except they are really like zeroes if you think about it! Let me explain why.

If you’ve done much studying you’ve seen that Aces are supposed to mean new beginnings. But that is way too simplistic.

Aces are actually more like the thought of a new beginning, the inception of the concept for a new beginning. Aces in a tarot deck are like a seed, or an egg that hasn’t been fertilized. They are that place where it is possible for anything to come from that seed or egg.

Let’s take a look at a few aces. I’m going to use a few different Tarot Decks in these tutorials, so be prepared!

aces of swords

Let’s look at these Ace of swords cards. The first is from the Tarot Illuminati, the second is from the Santa Muerte Tarot.

Swords, if you remember, are the air sign. Their energy is about thoughts, words, communicating, decision making.

Both cards are literal depictions of swords. In the first there is a verdant green background mountain, the sky is blue and cloudy, reminding you that swords are an air card. The hilt of the sword has a butterfly like shape, the sword itself is decorated with a design or runes, and the tip end of the sword is crowned.  A jeweled crown, a fancy crown that is held high by the sword.

The hand holding the sword rises from a cloud, again reminding you of the air sign influences.

What does this say to you? How is this card going to help you read it? Many tarot decks have just the pips on the lower cards, which isn’t very helpful and is why I recommend a richer deck for beginners.

This is a powerful card! The inception of something bigger than expected. This card generally means triumph, for both good and evil, as suggested by the raised jeweled crown. It can signify either amazing prosperity or crushing misery.

How do you tell which? That is based on the other cards in the spread, and we are going to get to that in time.

Reverse this card and the blade is pointing down, the crown is going to slip off the blade!

Reversed the ace of swords often indicates, obstacles, hindrance, hopeless love, even humiliation or embarrassment.

See how the card helps you to read the meaning? That is the real trick to learning to read the flow of a tarot spread.

But what about the other ace of swords card’s depiction Mama Dog? It looks completely different!

Once again you have the verdant background and the clouds indicating an air card. This time instead of a crown we have the sword reversed with a head on it.

The head indicates the same thing as the crown in the other card! Swords are all about thought and communication, The head represents this very well. The head is the key on the sword. It is high up next to the hilt, indicating looking down from a high position, and what is he looking down at?

Glorious flowers and vines, signifying growth and bounty multiplying.

Reverse him and he is going to look very foolish, also realize those good things will be behind him now. Not a good spot to be in! There comes the misery. Or maybe he is stuck that way, his head is against the hilt, so he can’t go back, but if he goes forward he can make his way up since this sword is opposite, but it may be futile and miserable. He might keep sliding back down! He is stuck, blocked, possibly miserable. Only by reading the flow of the entire spread, and possibly a clarifying card or two, will you know what is going on with this guy and how to proceed if that is the case.

Note for those who don’t like to read reversals: The Santa Muerte deck is very good for giving you all of the clues you need upright. I generally do read reversals, but with this deck it hardly matters. Just a personal observation.

If you aren’t aware of, or don’t know what I mean by those who don’t read reversals, they read the cards the same, the meanings are the same, but they take the meaning of each card from the general flow of the reading. They deal the cards upright only. That works for some people and not for others. If you want to experiment with it just remember not to only read the positive aspects of the cards. You won’t come out with a good or accurate reading. I encourage everyone to have a go at it.

As an interesting side note, the bounty this card represents will frequently turn up in spreads to do with someone trying to conceive a child. I suppose the bounty of all the vegetation is indicative of that.

I think that is enough for one lesson. I will go on with the Aces, the one’s, in my next post.

Until then I encourage you to study the images on the cards in your deck and see what correlations you can find to help you read the card in a spread.

If you want to dig deeper into this card you can research it’s use by those who practice ceremonial magic. I’ll warn you in advance that it can be a disturbing rabbit hole.

Peace Y’all

Mama Dog